Cahalane Brothers Ltd.

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Gerald Griffin St Apartments

Cahalane Brothers Developed 13nr apartments and a 2 story dwelling house at Gerald Griffin Street Apartments site, located in an urban residential location close to the centre of Cork city. It is a corner site on the junction of Bleasby’s Street and Gerald Griffin Street. Gerald Griffin Street is a relatively busy 2-lane thoroughfare, linking Blackpool to Shandon Street, with traffic in both directions.

All existing buildings on the site were demolished and material disposed of appropriately to make room for the new development. The project involved the construction of a 4-storey building at the front of the site, wrapping around the corner of Gerald Griffin Street and Bleasby’s Street, containing 13 apartments. This was built out to the edge of the public footpath and abuts an existing derelict house on Gerald Griffin Street, and the block boundary wall to the 6 houses on Bleasby’s Street.

A stand-alone 2-storey dwelling house was also developed at the back of the site, tight to the boundary on two sides.

An open courtyard area behind the apartment building was developed for car-parking and circulation space. Vehicular and pedestrian access to that area accessed via a passageway through the proposed building from Gerald Griffin Street. The upper floors of the building bridge over that passageway and are built against the wall of the existing neighboring house.

During the construction stage, the courtyard area provided the only available space for site set-up. storage of materials, tower crane location, etc.