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St Marys Special School Rochestown

St Mary’s special school is located in Rochestown Co Cork. It is a double storey school with a approx. size of 2380m2, it was built in the late 50’s with various refurbishments over the years with the last major refurbishments around early 2000.

This school is part of the 2021/22 school energy pathfinder programme where it is proposed to implement a range of deeper energy retrofit and renewable heating solutions in schools. The aim of the energy retrofit is to achieve a BER B1 grade, and also reduce the schools carbon emissions by at least 50% while implementing a renewable heating solution which will be able to achieve 70-100% of the annual space heating demanded.

As part of this energy retrofit it is an opportunity to complete refurbishment works that are required with in the school. 

Scope of the works will included;

• Install a new internal lift within the building

• Install a new concrete stairs within the building.

• Install new solar PV cells on the roof of the school.

• Build 6 new classroom, relocated a number of existing rooms

• Refurbish the existing room and modify/ create new toilets facilities.

• Install a new heating system which shall include new radiant panels, heat pumps and associated


• New domestic hot and cold water to the building.

• New ventilation to the school

• New small power, lighting, security, fire alarm, emergency exit and lighting through the school,

• Upgrade power supply to the school

• Pumping external cavity of existing walls